Sorting of cartons with the

Quality packaging creates value. It offers more than just a functional use. On top of protecting its content for transport, sales and storage a surplus is asked for regarding information, advertising and practical usage. Often expensive materials and costly production processes are chosen to fulfill customer wishes. High quality requirements are the standard in packaging as mistakes in production mean that the packaging doesn’t fulfill its function or lowers the value of the product.

As a cost effective alternative to inline quality control of packaging during the printing or in subsequent processing, the companies Reprograf and Vision Experts have developed an offline sorting system in partnership. For this the inspection system VE 4000+ CARTON has been integrated with the transport line INSPEED 50. This offline quality control sorts packages which have been printed and die cut, but still not folded and stuck, according to adjustable tolerances. With this sorting system your packaging will be of the highest quality – up to Japan quality.

100% Sorting = 100% Quality

Even a meticulous production process can’t reliably and completely guarantee the perfection of every package. Only 100% inspection ensures 100% quality.

Sorting diverse products

The system inspects and sorts packaging blanks for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as well as folding cartons for brand products of all kind. Blanks with outlines up to 500 × 500 mm are processed.

Detection of print, substrate and process defects

With an image resolution down to 0,015 mm^2^ all types of printing errors such as staining, colour deviations, die cut errors are reliably detected. Moreover, the sorting process can work with different tolerances for product areas or for whole kinds of products.

VE 4000+ CARTON features:

  • “Japan Quality” sorting by the smallest of discrepancies
    and material defects
  • Sorting of blocked batches
  • Set-up of simple inspections directly on the system
  • Set-up of complex inspections in the prepress stage
    with saving in PDF format
  • Very high inspection performance
  • Reusability of inspection jobs
  • Combination of up to five groups of inspections with
    different criteria
  • Polygonal inspection zones
  • Direct flaw display for ejection
  • Logging of the reasons for ejection
  • Statistics on good and rejected products
  • Colour measurement to delta E / L*a*b
  • Comparative colour measurement spots
  • Optional PDF comparison
  • Optional code reading
  • Optional testing of non-visible UV elements
  • All contours with formats up to 500 × 500 mm

Your benefits:

  • Avoidance of manual sorting
  • Guaranteed satisfaction of defined quality criteria
  • Constant quality at set dates
  • No complaints