Web tear complaints with
VE 4000+ PAPER

Paper web breaks in long printing lines cause expensive machine downtimes entailing set-up times and maculation. Many breaks are caused by imperfections in the roll. If they are clearly identified, and are used as the reason for web breaks, paper suppliers are committed to sharing the cost of downtimes. This can only succeed using high-resolution line scan cameras with state-of-the-art measurement technology and intelligent analysis software which identifies, locates, measures and timestamps flaws.
This is the only means possible to attribute web breaks to paper flaws.

VE 4000+ PAPER is an inspection solution which records every flaw photographically and, for certain classes of flaw, on video. Furthermore, the software distinguishes between flaws and glued joints (also recorded and used for roll change optimisation).

Performance details:
The VE 4000+ PAPER inspection system can be integrated into any web press and monitors rolls of any width. The camera, along with the lighting, is attached to the unwinder and the control unit is integrated conveniently into the master controller.
The VE 4000+ PAPER detects even the smallest of flaws in the paper roll. Imperfections are categorised by type of flaw and are documented in detail. Serious flaws, generally resulting in breaks, are also recorded in video form as well as with high-resolution photographs. The system automatically generates records summarising all of the information necessary for any complaints process. This does not entail any additional administration overhead.

Your benefits:
The benefit of operating the printer integrated to the machine is that you gain immediate knowledge of the cause of a web break. For example, if multiple breaks occur after a particular run length of paper, without there being any discernable flaws in the roll, the machine settings can be optimised at the required position.
For the paper planner, the benefits lie in the details of paper run properties and clear-cut evidence for flaws. These details constitute the evidence for paper-related breaks.
In such cases, the process of receiving refunds from paper suppliers is simplified.