Inspection system for flexible packaging with

As a manufacturer of printed flexible packaging material, you know you cannot meet the requirements of the market without 100% inspection.

The VE 4000+ FLEX inspection system continually monitors the print process: every substrate, every roll, at all times. The solution is highly optimised to the requirements of flexible material and the conditions within the printing line. Whether rotogravure, offset or flexography – any machine can be equipped with the print inspection system. Due to it‘s multi camera technology the solution can be adapted to any web width and printing speed.

The key benefits of VE 4000+ FLEX:

  • Printing flaws are flagged the moment they arise
  • The machine operator is able to intervene and prevent widespread failure, averting large quantities of waste and increasing quality
  • Poor quality sections of the web can be flagged or marked
  • Quality becomes more consistent
  • Customer complaints are averted
  • You offer more customer benefit through higher quality

The VE 4000+ FLEX lives up to high expectations and delivers
very high levels of performance:

  • Operation can be learned very quickly
  • Set-up of an inspection job takes just a few moments
  • Jobs are saved and can be reused
  • The visualisation system offers many options, such as Live Zoom, flaw comparison, display of flaw accumulation
  • All flaws are logged and can be saved as a database or PDF
  • Good/poor pattern and flaw size/position/frequency are stored
  • Flaw details can be accessed via a network
  • Different alarm level categorisations: flashing light, acoustic signal, machine stop
  • A record is made of interventions by the machine operator and any comments
  • Lab colour measurement function for colour monitoring during the print run
  • Flagging or marking of print flaws
  • PDF-Check
  • Inspection speed up to 720 m/min