The world markets' demand for higher quality printed material is rising. This can lead to an increasing number of instances in which entire print runs are met with complaints or are being completely rejected. This can happen with no quality control system in place. Checking printed material manually sheet by sheet is no practical solution and in view of the cost considerations does not guarantee a 100 percent level of quality control.

Each print inspection system within our VISION EXPERT 4000+ vision series can be installed to monitor each of the crucial stages involved in the processing of printed materials and is still flexible enough to be adapted to your specific set-up: from sheet-fed printing, to rotary printing presses, rewinders or other types of processing machines. In each individual case the integration of our print inspection system will be tended to by our qualified specialists.

VISION EXPERT 4000+ captures the printed matter with camera-based, cutting-edge smart imaging technology. Irrespective of your printing methods and format, the images seized are consistently geometrically precise, of the highest quality and verified for defects in real-time. Even the most minute of errors are reliably identified before they turn into a problem for you. The printed material can be examined using a resolution of up to 0.01mm² (depending on the system in situ, machine type and print theme). With our vision system it is additionally possible to simultaneously inspect face and reverse printing output.

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Vision Experts' VE 4000+ vision inspection system reliably detects print defects like hickeys, foreign text, text flaws or missing text, color defects, foil stamping defects, surface injuries of your packaging material, scratches and mottles. Contact us for a fitting quality solution for your print line.

The Following Are Print Errors the VISION EXPERT 4000+ Vision System Recognizes and Detects for You:

  • Colour changes: subtle colour deviations, colour differences from Delta-E 3, completely or partially missing colour, mistakes in colour gradients, smears, blotches, splatters, bleeding
  • Clouding of printed matter
  • Stripes, streaks, dirt
  • Hickeys, shades, smudges or water drips
  • Incorrect text: missing, blurred or incomplete characters, erroneous or missing sections of text (with PDF module), missing symbols, errors in foreign languages (such as Japanese, Arabic), character error
  • Incomplete or missing print
  • Missing labels
  • Register errors or fluctuations
  • Lacquer either wholly or partially missing (with UV brightener and UV inspection module)
  • Punching errors: punching remnants, kiss-cut text
  • Inaccurate barcodes
  • Mistaken printing
  • Flaws in foil finishing
  • Registration deviation

Our VISION EXPERT 4000+ Print Inspection Solutions Offer the Following Range of Benefits:

  • VISION EXPERT 4000+ checks your 100,000th print with the same precision as the first
  • Runs on a repeat cycle without any user intervention
  • Checks the full area of every single print – 100% coverage
  • Reduces the amount of wastepaper for you
  • Increases your productivity
  • Ensures the highest quality for your product

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